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Boutique OR Luxury - What do you need?

It all began in 1980s in London, New York and San Francisco when Boutique hotels started appearing. The term was coined by Steve Rubell in 1984 and now with time, there has been an increased interest in Boutique hotels. Unique in style, small and mostly independent, they are fast gaining popularity, especially with the changing traveler needs.

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Additionally, to interest the hoteliers out there, studies show that a boutique hotel performs better when it comes to RevPar

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A few characteristics that principally distinguish a Boutique hotel from a Luxury hotel are

  • Independence – Boutique Hotels will usually be independent hotels, and also individualistic properties when it comes to their entire aesthetics and design while a luxury hotel will be nationally franchised.

  • No. of rooms – Boutique hotels usually have a small no. of rooms as opposed to a large inventory that luxury hotels have, mostly up to 50 rooms.

  • Design – Unlike Luxury chain hotels, boutique hotels are unique in design. In fact they could have individualistic décor for each room at the property that is carefully thought out. Boutique properties may be charming historical buildings or new-build property, influenced by the local history, art & culture.

  • Visibility – Boutique properties are not mainstream and hence not easily visible and sometimes not very accessible either. They probably add more meaning to the word “Explore” as opposed to the luxury hotels that will always be present due to more exposure.

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Why you should try staying at a Boutique Hotel?

  • Personal attention - service is customized to each guest and they focus on creating an experience

  • Unique location & Experiences – usually since the location would be interesting and engaging, a boutique hotel becomes a place to celebrate & experience life.

  • Artistic & thoughtful – Unique designs created to fit the entire concept of “boutique” and “exquisite”

  • Affordable style – since they are chic and luxurious yet competitively priced with flexible rates.

  • Bespoke – individualistic, innovative and customized when it comes to the theme, amenities, food tc.

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