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Your Monsoon Destination - GOA

Monsoons in Goa are a time to enjoy the beauty and life of Goa. It is through June that the monsoons start and remain till September. It could rain for hours during the monsoons and then it will suddenly all clear up! Monsoons are not exactly a lean season in Goa and a lot of people travel to Goa during these days.

(Image on left : BP Blogpost, Goa Monsoons)

The beaches are open and happening and there is a lot to experience in terms of chilling and food. In fact the hotels around offer great value stays, the flights are cheap but not many of the big markets are open then. You could rent a bike and roam around, get a feel of the ocean and enjoy a relaxed time with family and friends. The nightlife is on too!!

(Image - Fort Tiracol, North Goa)

During the Monsoons, Goa looks green, fresh, clean and lush. A tour of old Goa is a great idea as well while the monsoons; you miss out the heat and the crowds! In fact in June, there is a great Christian festival “Sao Joao” which is a water festival, a perfect way to splash around!! Drinking wine, eating food, jumping in the wells, its all part of the tradition of Sao Joao!

The spice plantations near Ponda are open during the monsoons. You could play with the elephants in the rain too.

(Image courtesy :

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